Association of African Universities (AAU) 2019 Internships for university students

Date limite de candidature: mai 21st 2019

L'Association des Universités Africaines (AUA) is calling for 3rd and final year university students who want to undergo a 3-month corporate and industrial internship from June 3rd –August 3rd 2019. Selected interns will work on the projects below:

A. African Research “Bank”Call for Interns

B. African Universities Olympics.


The African Research “Bank” is a data repository which houses research needs and problems from industries and other key sectors. The repository provides student researchers with real research problems which inform their choice of topics or problem statement during their research work/project work/thesis and dissertations stage of their academic work. The repository will assist researchers in getting real research problems from industry and other sectors of the economy and help shape their relevant research output.


Category A: Student Researchers (Undergraduates, Postgraduates)

1. Must be either a 3rd /4th year undergraduate student or a postgraduate student.

2. Must have carried out or assisted in research work before.

3. Must demonstrate a clear understand of research processes

4. Must have the ability to work with teams, analyze and think critically.

5. Must demonstrate dexterity in writing and communication


1. Develop concept notes and proposals.

2. Develop tools for data collection.

3. Analyze data for storage.

Pour plus d'informations:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Association of African Universities (AAU) 2019 Internships

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