Commonwealth100 Online Leadership Development Programme 2019 for young people from Commonwealth Countries

Date limite de candidature: en cours

Commonwealth100 is open to young leaders who are from a Commonwealth country, or who currently live, work or study in a Commonwealth country.

Commonwealth100 is open to young people, aged 18+, from across the Commonwealth. You may be at the beginning of your career or in Higher or Further Education.

Commonwealth100 programme outcomes:
  • Produce a more socially conscious generation of leaders
  • Créer un réseau de jeunes leaders en contact les uns avec les autres
  • Favoriser les partenariats mondiaux actuels et futurs entre les jeunes leaders
  • Mettre en place un Commonwealth du futur en réseau, innovant et audacieux

Many young people today recognize that we need a new approach to leadership. That’s why we worked with over 1,000 young leaders to discover the skills we need when Commonwealth celebrates its centenary in 2031.

Using an online platform, you will hear stories from senior and emerging leaders who have had to lead complex change.

You will take part in interactive exercises and discussions with peers from across the Commonwealth. And you will read compelling articles, which explore the skills you need to be successful in the 21st siècle.

All participants who complete the programme will receive the Leadership Open Source Badge, which can be used as a record of your achievement on your CV or online profiles.


Le programme est hébergé en ligne.


Though the course originally ran in three-week-long cohorts, starting in 2019 it will run in seven-week-long cohorts. It takes between three to six hours to complete the course, which can be done flexibly over the cohort period. The course dates for 2019 are:

  • 4 Janvier - 22 Février
  • 1 March – 19 April
  • 3 Mai - 21 Juin

This will continue to run in a similar pattern through 2020.

Comment s'inscrire:

Commonwealth100 runs in seven week cohorts. After filling in a short registration form, you will receive an email with more information about your cohort.

Pour plus d'informations:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Commonwealth100 Online Leadership Development course 2019

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