DSM: Brighter Living Scholarship 2019 for young Entrepreneurs (Fully Funded to attend the One Young World Summit 2019 in London, United Kingdom)

Date limite de candidature: mai 15th 2019

En tant que partenaire de longue date de One Young World, DSM is proud to support the Brighter Living Scholarship in light of the 2019 Summit in London. The purpose is to create brighter lives for people today and generations to come. We connect our unique competencies in Life Sciences and Material Sciences to create solutions that nourish, protect and improve performance.

Avec le Brillante Living Scholarship DSM will offer 3 scholarships to young entrepreneurs in the field of nutrition for the One Young World Conference 2019 in London.

In line with DSM’s purpose-led performance-driven strategy, this scholarship seeks to support young leaders and entrepreneurs who are making a nutritional impact locally with their start-ups, companies, or job in the field of Safe Nutritious Food Processing. This goes hand in hand with addressing inclusive economic development in emerging markets. This is part of DSM’s ambition to safeguard the future of ensuring nutritious and healthy diets for all within planetary boundaries.

What does the Scholarship provide?

  • Accès au One Young World Summit 2019 à Londres, Royaume-Uni
  • Les frais de voyage vers et depuis Londres (vols économiques uniquement)
  • Hotel accommodation on a shared basis from 21-25 October inclusive
  • Restauration qui comprend le petit déjeuner, le déjeuner et le dîner, pendant ces jours
  • Transport entre l'hébergement du Sommet et le lieu du Sommet
  • Documents à distribuer au sommet et matériel de soutien
  • Participation in DSM’s internal on-boarding program, both online and face to face prior to the Summit, which includes mentorship with DSM senior experts

If you are selected, you are invited by DSM to participate in a pre program at the DSM headquarters in les Pays-Bas.
Please note that the pre-program will run from Saturday 19 until Tuesday 22 October. Furthermore, you will have a debriefing day after the summit on Saturday 26 of October. More information will be given to you in due time.


The scholarship seeks candidates who have entrepreneurial skills for making a positive impact by accelerating the availability and affordability of safe and healthy local nutritious products, and making them more aspirational. The ideal candidate will:

  • Have 3-5 years experience in a business, and preferably starting or running their own business.
  • Have experience working in the area of food processing with a focus of health and nutrition.
  • Understand the importance of nutrition.
  • Be entrepreneurial.
  • Be able to shape opinions.
  • Possess commercial insight in key geographic markets.

Critère d'éligibilité

Les candidats doivent:

  • Be a national of one of the countries listed below and work in one of the countries listed below:
KenyaNigeriaÉgypte Tanzanie
Zambie Ghana Inde Bangladesh
  • Être âgé 18 - 30
  • Have 3-5 years experience in a business, and preferably running their own business.

Please note that you will be unable to save your responses in the submission form. With this in mind, we recommend saving your responses first in an offline document before submitting your application.

Pour plus d'informations:

Visit the Official Webpage of the DSM: Brighter Living Scholarship 2019

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