Bourse de journalisme Knight-Wallace 2019 / 2020 pour un journaliste à mi-carrière à étudier à l'Université de Michighan-USA (entièrement financé)

Date limite d'inscription: Décembre 1, 2018

A Bourse Knight-Wallace recognizes accomplished journalists who are eager for growth and deeply committed to the future of journalism. We offer a unique opportunity: an academic year of study and collaborative learning at the University of Michigan to deepen knowledge, develop new ideas, and address challenges facing the journalism industry.


  • Qualified applicants must have a minimum of five years of experience and be currently working in some aspect of journalism for a news organization or as an independent journalist. We are looking for a diverse range of journalists including reporters, editors, data experts, visual journalists, audio producers, engagement specialists, designers, developers, entrepreneurs and organizational change agents.
  • If you are not a full-time journalist, the majority of your work should be in journalism

Les bienfaits

  • Eight-month program of immersive study away from daily deadlines.
  • Individual study plans designed to develop topical depth, practical skills and broader perspectives.
  • Specialized resources and experts at the University of Michigan to guide research.
  • Private Seminars with visiting journalists, scholars and innovators for candid, off-the-record conversations.
  • Ateliers d'arts et de textiles to sharpen your writing, technical skills and leadership ability.
  • Voyage international to bring context to the political, economic and social forces shaping news coverage.
  • $75,000 stipend – distributed as $8,750 monthly – from September through April for living expenses.  All tuition and course fees are paid for by the fellowship. All fellowship trips – domestic and international – are covered. If the Fellow’s employer does not contribute to insurance coverage, health insurance is provided.
  • Spouses and partners are invited to partake in fellowship activities and can audit university courses as well.


  • Great care goes into assembling classes of Fellows that represent diversity of race, ethnicity, nationality, experience, journalism specialty, geographic region and type and size of news organizations.
  • Typically, 12 Americans are joined by six to eight international colleagues. Selection is determined by a committee of distinguished journalists and University of Michigan faculty.
  • U.S. finalists are interviewed at Wallace House in April. International finalists are interviewed by phone or video conference in February. Fellowships are awarded in late April or early May.

Chronologie de l'application

  • Décembre 1, 2018          International application deadline
  • February, 2019                  Phase two of application for selected international applicants
  • Mid-February                    Interviews for international finalists
  • 1 Février, 2019             U.S. application deadline
  • Mid-March                       U.S. applicant finalists notified
  • Avril 6 & 7, 2019              Interviews at Wallace House for U.S. finalists
  • Late April/Early May      Fellowship offers extended

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Visitez la page Web officielle de la bourse de journalisme Knight-Wallace 2019 / 2020

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