Merck – Make-IT Africa Startup Program 2019 (Fully Funded paid bootcamp in Nairobi,Kenya and Merck Innovation Center in Germany)

Date limite d'inscription: Juillet 17 2019

Are you a start-up working towards the SDG’s and are based in Africa? Are you working at the cutting edge of innovation to solve real-life problems? Is your start-up innovation related to Healthcare, Life Sciences, Performance Materials, and Performance Materials and Merck’s innovation focus areas?

Si vous avez répondu Oui to any of the questions above. Then we are looking for you! The Joint Start-up Programme, a collaboration between Merck Accelerator with Tech Entrepreneurship Initiative “Make-IT in Africa” is your gateway to quickly explore and validate the potential for co-creating and working in in the health sector especially in partnership with Merck.

Apply to get a chance to work on a collaboration project with existing Merck’s innovation projects.


  • Solutions numériques dans le secteur de la santé
  • Bio-détection et interfaces
  • Technologies de biopsie liquide

Solutions numériques dans le secteur de la santé

Primary access to healthcare and healthcare services are key to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages. The application of technological solutions can contribute to increasing the efficiency of healthcare through enhanced access, improved affordability but also innovative diagnostic services and administration processes.

To augment the digital access solution services, we are looking for innovative and ambitious start-ups with a sustainable business model in different areas e.g.:

  • Digital patient management solutions
  • Savings group i.e. fintech solutions/ healthcare financing and insurance
  • Rapid diagnostic tests and e-health solutions
  • Digital health education solutions for patients
  • Patient support programs
  • Community self-service enablement solutions


  • Registered in an African country and operative for at least a year
  • A business model with a focus on the SDG’s and a solution in the fields of Healthcare, Life Sciences, Performance Materials and other search fields such as Biosensing and Interfaces, and Liquid Biopsy
  • Start-ups avec au moins cofondateurs 2
  • L'équipe soutient l'égalité des sexes et la diversité
  • Les candidats doivent parler couramment l'anglais


  • Développement du business case:
    • Fully paid bootcamp in Nairobi for top 20 start-ups (5 per each region) to ideate and develop business cases for collaboration with Merck
    • Soutien continu aux entreprises, support technique et mentorat et coaching en ligne
    • Diagnostics de mise à l'échelle et conception pour la formation à l'échelle
  • Parcours d'apprentissage de l'écosystème:
    • Pleins feux et exposition au Sommet de l'innovation en Afrique du Sud à Cape Town pour les finalistes de 4
    • Journée Spotlight et Demo Day chez Merck en Afrique du Sud pour les finalistes de 4
    • Pleins feux et exposition à la conférence MEDICA à Düsseldorf pour les finalistes de 4
  • Collaboration d'entreprise: Un voyage entièrement payé au siège social de Merck Innovation Center pour présenter un projet de collaboration avec Merck pour les finalistes de 4
  • Connecter et communauté: Three meetups in each focus region will be conducted to connect with a rich community of founders and innovators in your region going through the same challenges, as you exchange ideas and build lifetime connections.
  • Accès à la bourse Make-IT:
    • Rencontres investisseurs
    • Opportunités professionnelles
    • Mesures d'exposition potentielles


Our program will be targeting start-ups across Africa. We will have one application platform where participants will be required to specify which region they are applying from and where their business is registered: North Africa, Eastern Africa, West Africa, and Southern Africa.

Fil d'actualité

Phase d'applicationJune 21 - July 17 2019
Entretiens de sélectionJuillet 11 - Juillet 18 2019
Nairobi: BootcampAoût 5 - Août 10 2019
Afrique du Sud: Sommet de l'innovationSeptembre 09 - Septembre 13 2019
Allemagne: Journées Médica et SélectionNovembre 18 - Novembre 27 2019

Pour plus d'informations:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Merck – Make-IT Africa Startup Program 2019

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