The British Council ELTons Innovation Awards 2019 for English Language Teaching

Date limite d'inscription:Friday 2 November 2018, midnight (UK time).

Have you produced an English language teaching or learning product, publication, or service that is both functional and innovative in the last two years?

Le British Council is looking for the latest and most innovative resources to learn and teach English, across the full breadth of media (non-digital or digital) and from a wide variety of contexts worldwide.

If you’re an educator in a low-resource context, a member of an international team or organisation – large or small – or an author or entrepreneur flying solo, we want to hear from you. If you’ve been involved in the creation of new resources in support of high quality English language education in the last two years, make your submission to the ELTons Innovation Awards 2019.

Award categories open for submissions

Excellence in course innovation – Courses using a fresh variety of content, formats or media, to help learners achieve stretching levels of English language proficiency.

Innovation in teacher resources – Resources supporting English language teaching professionals, whether through teacher training, education, or continuing professional development.

Innovation in learner resources – Services, activities, materials or works using innovative means to improve English language learners’ proficiency in vocabulary, grammar, fluency, receptive and productive skills, or vital language skills for study, life and/or work.

Innovation numérique – Use of digital technology or media – cutting edge technologies, or original use of existing technology – to benefit high-quality English language learning.

Local innovation (in partnership with Cambridge Assessment English) – Resources or projects innovating to meet specific, local needs, within local, national or regional contexts around the world.

A commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion

Le British Council s'est engagé à faire en sorte que les ELTons Innovation Awards soient inclusifs et reflètent la grande diversité de l'éducation en langue anglaise à travers le monde. Nous accueillons et encourageons les candidatures de tous les horizons, notamment:

  • Those who speak English as a second or other language.
  • Diverses nationalités et ethnies.
  • Contenus peu dotés en ressources et mieux dotés en ressources.
  • À travers le clivage régional / rural et urbain.
  • Les candidats handicapés, ainsi que ceux qui développent des ressources pour les apprenants et les enseignants handicapés.

ELTons applications and judging timeline 2018 – 2019

Vendredi 2 Novembre 2018: ELTons 2019 application deadline.

Décembre: First round of judging concludes, all applicants are notified about progression to round two.

January – March: Second round. ELTons judges take closer inspection of the innovations.

Avril: ELTons 2019 finalists are revealed and invited to the awards ceremony.

April – June: Final round of judging.

Juin: Winners are announced at the ELTons awards ceremony, London, UK.

Those successful in becoming an ELTons finalist will be notified in April 2019 and receive an invitation to join guests from across international English language education, at the highly anticipated ELTons Awards ceremony, hosted in London (UK), in June 2019.

The ceremony also sees the announcement of the British Council Lifetime Achievement Award, for an ELT professional who has made a substantial and long-lasting contribution to the field of English language teaching.

La date limite des candidatures est Friday 2 November 2018, midnight (UK time).


Pour plus d'informations:

Visit the Official Webpage of the British Council ELTons Innovation Awards 2019

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