Thomson Reuters Foundation Training Programme 2018 on Reporting the Illegal Internet Trade in Wildlife (Fully Funded to Bangkok, Thailand

Date limite d'inscription: Septembre 24th 2018

Dates: 05 November 09 November | Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Fondation Thomson Reuters offre un training scheme on Reporting the Illegal Internet Trade in Wildlife for journalists from Africa and Asia, in partnership with The Global Initiative Against Organized Crime (GIATOC) financé par le Government of Norway.

In marketplaces across the world the illegal wildlife trade is booming, and enormous, irreparable damage to biodiversity is occurring. Hundreds of thousands of endangered and legally protected plants, insects and animals are harvested and traded every day to consumers interested in their medical, ornamental, cultural properties, or to keep them as live pets or plants.

The marketplaces for illegal wildlife products are increasingly virtual and there is an important shift to the marketing and sale of environmental commodities on the internet. As the ‘online’ aspect of the illegal wildlife trade grows in importance, we will bring together journalists from Africa and Asia to attend this workshop aimed to enable journalists to tell the story of the illegal online wildlife trade.

The intensive five-day workshop, taking place in Bangkok, Thailand from Monday, 05 November – Friday, 09 November will build the capacity of journalists to report on the issue of illegal online wildlife trade – improving both knowledge and skills and also help journalists to present new viewpoints, promote discussion and dialogue on the most strategic areas for intervention.

Cela ne devrait pas être considéré comme un atelier unique; Nous attendons de tous les journalistes sélectionnés qu'ils participent à des reportages sur ces questions dans leur pays d'origine après l'atelier.


This is an opportunity for journalists from across Africa and Asia working for established media organisations. Applicants must be full-time journalists or regular contributors to a media organisation. Applicants must be able to demonstrate a commitment to a career in journalism in their country, should have at least five years’ professional experience and have a good level in spoken and written English.


Les candidats retenus recevront une bourse complète couvrant les frais de transport aérien (classe économique), l'hébergement, les transferts locaux et les repas. Veuillez noter que vous devez vérifier les exigences de visa et vous assurer que vous avez la documentation nécessaire. Le participant devra assumer le coût de votre visa et des autres frais connexes.


  • Two work samples
  • Lettre de la rédaction confirmant que les candidats ont l'autorisation de participer au programme

Pour plus d'informations:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Thomson Reuters Foundation Training Programme 2018 on Reporting the Illegal Internet Trade in Wildlife

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